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Showcasing: Mara Purl

Mara Purl is one of those one-in-a-lifetime people. You know the kind. Your glad you got to know her and how special she is. No, I never met her. However, when I do these Works in Progress blogs I snoop. I try to find something the author didn't share with me. I'll share that bit of information later.
The Facts:
Mara Purl was a performer on-camera and on-stage, with her regular character on Days Of Our Lives. *see photo   A prolific fiction author, she also has written a play and several non-fiction books including Act Right: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor with actress Erin Gray.( One of her best friends by the way)

Mara's writing credits include two cover stories for Rolling Stone, staff writing with the Financial Times (of London), and an Associated Press assignment to cover the Apollo Soyuz mission, She is a member of the Authors Guild and of the Writers Guild West.

She also has been awarded the New York Festivals Award; the Peak Award; Woman of the Year 2002 by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women. Here is the link to see all the great things she has accomplished in detail. . 
Mara Purl is the award-winning author of The Milford-Haven Novels, which, collectively, and has won fifteen literary awards. She knows her stuff.

The Works in Progress:               
In a half-built house, high on a        bluff.....
In a half-built house, high on a bluff overhanging the ocean,
beautiful reporter Chris Christian is being murdered, while
in an endangered forest overlooking the Cove, Miranda Jones
is being chased by a stranger who might be the man of her dreams.
Meanwhile on Main Street, Sally is dishing up home cooking
and perfecting her eavesdropping on everything from Jack Sawyer’s
nefarious building practices, to Zack Calvin’s unexplained
attraction to Milford Haven, and she’d give a free basket of
fresh, hot biscuits to know what secrets are locked away in
Samantha Hugo’s journal….
Here's what the publisher said:
Join Mara Purl on California’s Central Coast for the
Milford-Haven Novels and Stories…

Locations to fuel your imagination . . .
romances to stir your soul . . .
friendships to warm your heart . . .
issues to challenge your mind . . .
And the mystery you’ll want to solve in . . .

       Small town simplicities. Global complexities.
Here's what Betty says:
Ms. Purl envisioned and delivered more then just an entertaining story. She brings a fresh new approach to writing. This series is designed to get women talking, thinking, and to take action.
What Samantha the heroine says:
"But, more than caring what others think, I care about making sense of my life. I care that my events and choices have a discernible logic to their pattern, that I be able to trace a path of reason—even if no one else can. The thing is, what I’ve glimpsed lately is that logic alone can’t resolve life’s purpose; the heart has to be involved."

 ......After you read the book see if you agree.
Mara and her publisher have joined forces and there will be 12 releases in the series. So get on board with the first book out in September.
Nurse Darla Cook 
Mara Purl is also an accomplished musician. Her instrument
is the Koto and she recorded and has played on the international stage
with many noteworthy musicians.
Mara and her publisher have joined forces and there will be 12 releases in the series. So get on board with the first book out in September. There is so much more to discover about Mara. And all the things that lead to why she founded Milford-Haven.
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Mara, thank you for letting me be part of those spreading your message to readers everywhere. Readers check out  the links. You never know Mara might be in a town near you soon or at least a blog near you.

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