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 This is a copy of a blog my publishers Sizzle Editons post  July 10 2011.

Betty Carlton is a relatively new writer. Betty lives with her husband and their faithful beagle. She has written two novels for Sizzler Editions, Mine Alone and its sequel, The Kincaid Way. She writes what she calls "a different type of romance story, which has been referred to as dark and irresistible, but always a Happy Ending." Bondage and romance are twin themes in her work. To repay the all the help and advice she received from other writers along the way Betty has started a blog called http://bettyandfriends-wip.blogspot.com/ where she showcases other authors and the new pieces they are working on.

interviewed about herself and her writing recently for the Sizzler Editions blog, she had this to say:

Sizzler Editions:
Why do you write the type of book you are best known for?
Betty Carlton: Who doesn't like reading about the big strong alpha male? The take charge, "me man-you woman," man. I think it's great fun.I also believe a romantic story can be more than boy meets girl and they make happy. Nothing wrong with a little anguish along the way.

Sizzler Editions: Where do you get your ideas?
Betty Carlton: The ideas for my stories just seem to pop into my head. Little scenes actually, and they keep popping in and adding little more bits until I can put them on paper.

Sizzler Editions: How and when do you write?
Betty Carlton: Once the little pieces of ideas give me a starting point I will connect them together. I plot as I go along so what happens in between the beginning and the end is a surprise for me too. I spend most days in front of my computer some times writing, some times marketing. and some times goofing off. My writing is most productive when I am home alone.
Sizzler Editions: What do you like most about being an author?
Betty Carlton: There is no way to explain how wonderful it feels when you learn someone you never knew likes what you wrote. I am also amazed at how fast you can learn to make your writing stronger, tighter, and cleaner. It always feels good to learn.

Sizzler Editions: What is your advice to beginning writers.Betty Carlton: Read, read, read. Write, write, write. That said, there is not an author out there that when reading their first works doesn't cringe. Enjoy the ride and write. You will know you are getting better each time.

Sizzler Editions: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?Betty Carlton: Fans? I have fans? Gosh yes. Thank you for reading and liking my work. Thank you for letting me smile when someone snickers and calls what I do a hobby. If it is a hobby is a satisfying one.
Sizzler Editions: What can your readers look forward to from you in the future.
Betty Carlton: I have been milling over a couple of pieces. One is a story about a woman abducted to be trained for the enjoyment of one special man. Except her trainer decides not to honor the arrangement as agreed. He wants her for himself. There will be trouble for the woman is making her own plans for escape.

Sizzler Editions will be publishing Betty Carlton's newest novel of romantic bondage, His Fifteenth Victim, very soon

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