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Anne Holly

is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and teacher. She is the author of the novel Strings Attached, which was described by The Romance Reviews as “a classic contemporary romance.” She has been published by Wild Horse Press, Decadent Publishing and Rebel Ink Press. Anne’s work is characterized by its unusual heroes, sweet/spicy balance, witty dialogue, responsible citizenship, and its positive, optimistic nature. You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReads, Facebook and Twitter (@anneholly2010).

Today Anne shares with us her new book:
Bubbly: An erotic contemporary romance for New Years
Beth’s had the best of everything and the worst of everything. From the outside, a poor little rich girl, hounded by the press, but, on the inside, bruised by dark memories. When she seeks escape from her suffocating world on New Years Eve, she accidentally gets a taste for how the other half lives. Rough bartender Tig Riley offers her a whole new outlook on life in his arms and maybe even a brand new future, if only she can trust him. Can he really help her heal herself?
A PG13 excerpt. 

Beth said nothing, and scanned the crowd. It wouldn’t do for any of the entourage clingers to snap a picture of her standing too long at the open bar with their phone. Pictures of celebrities falling off their various wagons always went for prime prices these days.

“No one’s watching,” he tempted her. “I think you could sneak off.”

“What?” Her eyes widened, and she realized how wonderful that sounded. “It’s my party.”

“It’s your party and you can hide if you want to?” he joked.

She didn’t respond right away. She watched the tiny columns of golden bubbles fight their way to the surface of her soft drink. He made it sound so easy. Was it that easy for people who weren’t raised to be elite in some old-fashioned, capitalist sense?

“I won’t tell,” he said with a smile and snagged his little white apron off. “Join me for a break outside?”

Her eyes were drawn to where the apron had been. His waist was tapered so nicely, emphasized by the crisp, blindingly white tuxedo shirt tucked into the sleek black cut of his trousers. When he reached down under the bar to deposit the cloth, she got a hint of muscled thighs and the coiled strength of his buttocks.

Despite the headache and her usual reserve, somewhere inside she heard a voice squeal something that could only be interpreted as, “Yum! I want some!”

She pulled her eyes away from him and peeked at the crowd again. Suze was more than capable of handling the staff for a while, and some outside air would do her headache good. Or was she just making up reasons to follow him someplace private?

“Sure,” she said, finally. “Thanks.”

“I’m Tig, by the way,” he said as they passed out the back way, through the kitchen. “Tig Riley.”

“Tig?” she asked. She watched him pull on a gray fleece jacket and toss his nylon coat to her, which she gratefully pulled on over her party dress. It smelled of tobacco smoke, winter air and the most appealing after shave she’d ever encountered.

“My mother was Norwegian,” he said. “I think it was supposed to be Trig, but my dad had a bit of a celebration after I was born and got it wrong on the paperwork.”

“Really?” she laughed.

“Yeah,” he confirmed with a grimace. “Why would any grown man lie about having the name Tig?”
*Anne Holly

Thank you so  much Anne for letting us get to know you and your story better.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Baby Trap

Today we're celebrating my friend Sibel Hodge's newest book The Baby Trap. It's another winner folks.

Bestselling chick lit author is back with her latest novel!

Based on her own experiences with infertility and two attempts at IVF, Sibel Hodge’s The Baby Trap will have you laughing and crying at the ups and downs of modern baby-making…

About The Baby Trap…

When Gina turns thirty-three her body clock unexpectedly begins clanging in her ear with annoying persistence. The only problem is, having a baby isn’t as easy as she thought. Whether she’s feng shui-ing the house to death with fertility symbols, throwing out her husband’s tight boxers in favour of baggies, swapping wine and chocolate for green tea and yams, popping fertility drugs like M&M’s, or having sex so precision-timed it makes international warfare manoeuvres look unorganized, her life is turned upside down. And when nothing seems to be working, her quest for the B-word turns into an obsession.

Can Gina stay sane, get pregnant, and keep her marriage together? Or will her baby trail become a baby trap?

About Sibel Hodge…

Sibel Hodge is the author of bestselling romantic comedy Fourteen Days Later. She has 8 cats and 1 husband. In her spare time, she’s Wonder Woman! When she’s not out saving the world from dastardly demons, she writes quirky chick lit with a hefty dose of screwball comedy. Her other books include, My Perfect Wedding, The Fashion Police (Amber Fox Mystery), Be Careful What You Wish For (Amber Fox Mystery), and How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men’s Room (and other short stories).

Her work has been shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize 2008, Highly Commended by the Yeovil Literary Prize 2009, Runner up in the Chapter One Promotions Novel Comp 2009, and nominated Best Novel with Romantic Elements in 2010 by The Romance Reviews. Her novella Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave has been listed as one of the Top 40 Books About Human Rights by Accredited Online Colleges.

Praise for her books…

"Yet another winner by Sibel who is fast becoming my favourite 'chick-lit' author" Wistful Kimmie's Book Reviews
"Sibel Hodge has perfect comedic timing" Lisa Lim, author of Confessions of a Call Centre Gal

“Ms. Hodge is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine." Coffee Time Romance & More

“Sibel Hodge does it again!” Geeky Girl Reviews

“Sibel Hodge has a way of writing that really makes the characters come to life” Can’t Put It Down Review Blog

In celebration of the release, Sibel is giving away 10 ebook copies of The Baby Trap on her blog . Head on over to enter!

Need a break from the everyday... Then The Baby Trap is the book for you...

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Another happy day for readers

This week saw the release of the newest edition to the scifi genre, Birth of an Empire book 1. This new journey starts amid a universe at war. As the characters struggle to survive, they find passion and a desire for peace changes their outlook. In time this new outlook gives birth to efforts for peace. These efforts don’t come without challenges and sacrifice.

Book one follows two teams of unique people in opposing species. As two accend to the level of Fleet Commander, they find themselves asking each other hard questions. Through love lost, betrayal, and second chances, these teams find a peace together that their species, as a whole, could not. You’ll have to read the book to find out if they are able to make that spread.

The author, Catrina Taylor has created a multi-site interview and scavenger hunt. The top three people to follow the hunt, win a free copy of the book.

Scavenger Hunt

Here’s how to play:

Read the questions and the samples at the bottom of the posts, then go to TheWritingNetwork .com and/or and answer the 5 questions OR the 2 bonus questions accurately and win a free copy of Xarrok’s first novel, Birth of an Empire part 1. The Top 3 responses will win a copy.

At the end of the sample on each site will be a link to another post and on to the home of the Scavenger Hunt.

Three favorite books? Of all time

… hmmm… Good question. I’d say Imzadi from the Star Trek book series, Around the World in 80 days by Jules Vern and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. That one infected me enough that I had to put it down at times to clear my thoughts, but never longer than absolutely needed.

How do you relax?

Ahmmm what’s that? I’m a mom, not much time for that, but I’d have to say Role playing/story telling on twitter is enjoyable. I love reading.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

Play with my kids, read, work… oh, right, work is writing… hmm… I guess whatever comes up that’s appealing.

What secrets can you reveal about your writing?

I can reveal that my stories aren’t written out of inspiration to please others, but because I love what I do.

Tips for someone starting a book?

Keep at it. The first words often come easy, but filling in everything can be a challenge. Don’t let that deter you. Enjoy what you’re doing, and keep at it. Write for yourself. .. Oh, that might be a few things.

Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Birth of an Empire

Yatrell looked for his team and walked off to meet with them. When he found Anara and the others locking their weapons into active cycles, he ordered Canith to get Kappa team together. After Canith moved off to assemble Kappa team, Yatrell turned to Anara and explained, “We won’t have much time to move. They are appearing everywhere, as expected. They have no discretion.” He ran through his weapon to be sure it would still be useful and waited for the assigned reinforcements.

Anara looked at him for a moment. She noticed how his blood and sweat drenched shirt clung to his side and hesitated before speaking, “Pietro didn’t make it?”

No.” Yatrell took his assigned weapons and ranking vest from Set, his third and looked back at Anara, “I’m fine Lieutenant. It’s just a flesh wound and the bleeding has stopped.” His attention turned to Canith when he approached with Kappa team. “Good. Let’s go. We need to move fast. There is no telling what will come at us.” He pulled the vest over his chest, covering the dagger wound but not before the Kappa team leader noticed.

Yatrell, you can’t lead with that wound. I’ll get them down there, you go to medical.” The Kappa team leader, Masterson, stepped forward and Lieutenant Cree stopped him by placing her hand on his chest. He stared at her with disdain, but she didn’t move.

Yatrell snapped his eyes to the other Lieutenant Commander and in a terse tone he spoke, “You will remember your orders, Lieutenant Commander.” He fastened the vest, strapped his weapons into place and put his gun into a holster. “Let’s move out.” Both teams fell into rank and position behind him as they left the armory. They moved swiftly through the halls onto a mobile lift, killing every Ven soldier that appeared in their path. Once on the lift they readied their weapons, expecting engineering to be under siege as is typical of a Ven attack. The combined Dentonian team had operated as a strike team before. Often out in front of the main wave. This time they were moving into the heart of the battle, without back up. The intensity was clear on each of their faces.

The corridor the Dentonian teams had to cross was the widest on the ship. It was large enough to allow significant portions of the ship’s engines to come on board already assembled. Now, instead of engine parts, it was Ven soldiers that cluttered the corridor. Instead of large silver and black components being hovered over by engineers, it was short aggressive soldiers seeking technology and subordinates. Lieutenant Commander Jae and his team had no intention of allowing the Ven success.

Before they got off the lift, Yatrell stopped it and spoke to his team, “The themis grenades are the fastest choice. Don’t hesitate with them. We already know what they will do and we need to answer in kind.”

The other Lieutenant Commander scowled at him, “What are you talking about? We can’t use those in close quarters or on this ship! If we have one missed toss, we’re done.”

Canith and Set began to prepare their grenades, when Anara spoke up, “It should clear them fast.” Then she began to count and prepare her own. “Set your counts to milliseconds.”

We don’t have options, Masterson. At best, you’re looking at a hundred of those creatures outside that door. There are eight of us. You tell me what other choice we have and I’ll take it, but I can’t think of one.” Lieutenant Commander Jae spoke with a firm tone and prepared the two grenades he had on him. Lieutenant Commander Masterson remained silent and readied his primary firearm.

The defense team stepped out of the lift and into the vast engineering corridor. The eight man team was staring at the backs of more Ven than any of them wanted to count. Masterson stepped forward and knelt out of the way of those behind him. Anara threw the first grenade well over the Lieutenant Commander’s head. It bounced and rolled through the feet of the Ven crowd. She whispered, “And…” A moment later a flash of light was followed by the sound of bodies being singed and a small handful of Ven evaporate into tiny specks of dust before finally disappearing into the air.

Once the first grenade went off, all of the nearby enemy soldiers turned and opened fire on the small strike team. Materson, already in position, began firing and cutting down the numbers while the rest of the team threw their grenades. Each took position next to him afterward. Quickly the Ven numbers thinned out. By the time the Dentonian force ran out of themis grenades, they could see gaps in the crowd before them.

The command came loudly, “Back on the lift.” Yatrell continued to fire at the Ven as his team fell back. Once everyone was inside the lift he grinned. “I think that went well.” He gestured to Anara, the smallest in the group, “I’ll lift you through the hatch. To the left is one of the maintenance tubes. Climb in there and move along the sides. Every opening, drop or throw another grenade. It doesn’t matter what kind.” He looked at the rest of the team with him, “Set, Canith and Seth go with her.” Yatrell began to lift them up and out of the lift’s hatch.

That side ends before engineering.” Masterson spoke up as he looked at his team. “Everyone’s already thrown at least one theimis and we don’t have an inexhaustible supply.”

No we don’t, but there are other weapons on all of us that can be used, along the openings.” Yatrell chuckled, “Anara alone is a walking arsenal.” He gestured to his second in command and the numerous weapons she carried. “They will drop and make a run for the door. We’re going to clear the way.” Set was the last from the first group out of the lift and into the tube.

How? You can’t put four people out against a hundred, or how ever many are left after the assault.” Masterson asked with frustration evident.

I have no intention to. You and your team are going into the other tunnel. It’s ventilation and, like the maintenance tube, it has a few openings. It’s also a bit larger. Should make moving easier. You can repeat the same process and help to clear the distance between here and engineering. Yes, you’ll have to drop out, but that drops out much closer than the other tunnel.”

Lieutenant Commander Masterson nodded to his team, who were already preparing to climb out of the “What are you going to do?”

What I normally do. Something unexpected.” Yatrell grinned.

You can find the book through major retailers including the ones listed below.

Learn more about the universe around Xarrok at

Your next stop for the scavenger hunt is right here:

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Another great Faith Mortimer release.

Faith Mortimer does it again...
Murder She Said ~ Diana Rivers, sexy, feisty sleuth.
After solving the truth concerning the bloody murders in, The Assassins’ Village, our sexy, feisty sleuth and heroine, Diana and her partner, Steve decide they deserve a holiday. On their arrival at their luxurious palm fringed plantation hotel in lush, tropical Malaysia; things don’t quite work out as they imagined.

Diana is asked by the hotel owner, the inscrutable Miss Chalcot, titled, imperious and secretive, to take a look through some old family documents. Miss Chalcot possesses a burning ambition to put right a dreadful wrong that occurred over forty years ago – and Diana is given free rein to pursue the mysterious past of the family and discover what lies behind the dark stories.
Diana enters into a dangerous world of the 1950’s and 1960’s, where lies, deceit, illicit love, jealousies and perhaps murder all feature.
What really happened all those years ago? Who was Paul, Hermione and the beautiful but selfish Eleanor? Who was responsible for events that shocked the whole family and plunged it into despair? And what is the real story behind all the facade?
Will Diana triumph against all odds yet again?
Children Of The Plantation
Opening the kitchen door, she spotted a vixen standing near the refuse bin. Hermione clapped her hands, and it shot through the hedge at the bottom of the garden.

Hermione's heart was thudding in her breast as she considered what next to do. Casting a look around, she gave thanks that the clouds scudding overhead made it a dark night. This had to be done in complete privacy.

Giving herself a mental shake, she crossed the damp grass to the shed and picked up a spade. A clod of earth still clung to the sharp blade from where she had been digging in her vegetable patch earlier that afternoon. It seemed such a long time ago now. She paused, still not completely certain she was doing the right thing. Making up her mind, she walked over to the newly turned earth.

The air smelt fresh after the rain shower, and a light breeze blew the mixed garden scents her way while she dug. The hole was to be small but deep, especially as she had just driven the fox off. Satisfied, she stood back and peered down into the soft loamy material, a sorry place for such a pathetic bundle.
Sick at heart, but knowing they had no choice, Hermione laid down her spade and walked back into the kitchen. She picked up the tightly wrapped package and carried it outside; it weighed no more than a couple of pounds as she gently laid it down into the hole.
Covering it with fresh earth, she scattered pebbles around and knelt on the grass. Had there been any other choice? Whatever were they going to tell him when the time came?

About the Book. Children of The Plantation will be first published as an eBook and later as a paperback by Topsails Charter. As a special lead-in price (eBook) and a Thank You to my friends and followers it will be offered to you first for $0.99c for the first month. All I ask is (when you've bought your copy) for you to please write me a fair review. Thanks!
About the Author. Faith Mortimer was born in England. Her father was in the Royal Air Force and from the tender age of five, Faith learned the meaning of travel and living in different parts of our beautiful world. Faith now spends her time between England and Cyprus where she lives with her husband. She’s filled her life with different careers, Registered nurse, entrepreneur and writer. She loves the outdoors, acting and writing. She has written two other bestselling novels and a short story collection. Visit Faith Mortimer’s website more information.

Faith Mortimer’s novels can be found  at

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Faith’s webs

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A Follow Author's New Release Day Party

There's a party going on.

Here's the guest of honor himself:



On Dead Tree Paperback or Alive in EBook!

For Having Way too Much Fun

Name: Tom Ryan

Age: 10

Physical Description: Too big for his britches, too tough for his own good

Distinguishing features: a scar in the shape of your nose on his right hand

Aliases: “The King,” “Tom Terrific,” “Hey Ryan,” and “Big Trouble”

Known to frequent: The Cherry Tree Hideout, Isaly’s, The Harris Theater, South Park Drive-In

To report a sighting, to read a sample, or purchase please contact A King in a Court of Fools


Hours of enjoyment reading stories from the

 Book of Tom

Statement from Tom’s brother, Harry who chronicles Tom Ryan’s exploits

It’s been a while since I’ve seen it, but that’s how I remember the chicken scratch from the cover of Tom’s journal. Tom Ryan — he’s my big brother. He was in sixth grade at the time he started keeping it. He was ten and I was five. Sister Jeanne Lorette made him do it, he said. Tom thought it was punishment for constantly misbehaving in her class. He would say that. That’s how he was. I think she was just trying to help him express himself in ways more productive than his usual tough guy act.

Speaking of tough guy acts, I’ve always imagined that if Tom had the room on that composition book cover, he would have added:

You’re still reading, aren’t you? I warned you, but you couldn’t stop, could you, you nosey-baloney? Well, it’s too late now. And don’t bother wiping your prints off the book. I have my ways. And don’t try to hide either. I’ll find you.

Go ahead, keep reading, but once you know the secrets, it will be the last thing you ever read.

Tom was big on threats. That was his modus operandi. He was under the impression that it was the only way to get anyone to do what he wanted. So he picked on us a lot, but we all knew he was a softy deep down — all talk, no action. You know the type. I honestly don’t remember him doing anything really nasty to anyone, except kids who were picking on us. And I’m sure he felt totally justified in those cases because he was doing it for a good cause.

Of course, I can’t speak to his behavior once he moved on to high school. I saw less and less of him and the gang had, by then, disbanded. But before that, we were all part of his gang and under his protection, whether we wanted to be or not.

Tom’s journal is long gone. It’s unfortunate in a way. It would be much better hearing his story in his own words rather than from my memory of the events that took place that year. It seems like so many years ago. But I imagine like all the other evidence he wanted “lost,” he covered it with Testors cement and burned it when he moved on to the seventh grade. Or maybe he buried it in the side yard. We’ll probably never know. I’m sure he’ll never tell, and I doubt Mom and Dad will be digging up the yard any time soon to find it.

That leaves you with me to piece this together. You have to keep in mind that I was only in first grade at the time, so my reading skills were limited. Simple chapter books were easy, but not sixth grade Tom-ese. He used words I’d never heard of, words I found out later I was better off not knowing.

How did we get our hands on Tom’s secret journal? My other brother, Sam and I found it. We used to sneak into Tom’s bedroom despite the threat of the “Keep Out or Die” sign on his headquarters door. Or maybe it was because of that sign and the inherent danger involved in tempting fate. In any case, we’d play with the toys he never let us touch, we’d look out his window at the Ioli’s house across the street just like he did when he was preparing for a mission, and we’d rifle through his drawers looking for his secret stuff. That’s how we found it. He kept it hidden under a pile of shoes in his closet. It smelled like old shoes, too. That was cool, but the coolest thing? The journal was about us.

Tom was chronicling the adventures of his gang for Sister Jeanne Lorette. Every chance we got, we would sneak in, and Sam would read it to me or I would try reading to him. We had a blast with it. The way Tom described his adventure we couldn’t believe it was about us at first, but there was no doubt after several pages that this story was our adventure as seen through his imagination. And did he ever have an imagination.

So, if you’re willing to accept it on that basis and for what’s it worth, I invite you to enjoy the story of A King in a Court of Fools.

H. Ryan

About the book: A King in a Court of Fools, originally published as a serial novel, is Larry Enright’s second published work. It is humorous, nostalgic fiction about kids growing up in the 1950s and has been already enjoyed by ages ten through ninety-one. It is available in both eBook and paperback from Barnes & Noble and Click for details to Purchase or sample A King in a Court of Fools.

Just in case you forgot what the handsome dude liked like:

About the author: Larry Enright was born to Irish Catholic first-generation immigrants and raised in Pittsburgh. After college, he moved to the Philadelphia area where for the past 40 years he has filled his life with many careers including musician, teacher, programmer, researcher, and writer. He has written three other novels, including the best-selling Four Years from Home. Visit Larry Enright's site.

Betty Carlton wishes Larry much success and if you readers

 go buy his books that will be great!

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Showcasing: Mara Purl

Mara Purl is one of those one-in-a-lifetime people. You know the kind. Your glad you got to know her and how special she is. No, I never met her. However, when I do these Works in Progress blogs I snoop. I try to find something the author didn't share with me. I'll share that bit of information later.
The Facts:
Mara Purl was a performer on-camera and on-stage, with her regular character on Days Of Our Lives. *see photo   A prolific fiction author, she also has written a play and several non-fiction books including Act Right: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor with actress Erin Gray.( One of her best friends by the way)

Mara's writing credits include two cover stories for Rolling Stone, staff writing with the Financial Times (of London), and an Associated Press assignment to cover the Apollo Soyuz mission, She is a member of the Authors Guild and of the Writers Guild West.

She also has been awarded the New York Festivals Award; the Peak Award; Woman of the Year 2002 by the Los Angeles County Commission for Women. Here is the link to see all the great things she has accomplished in detail. . 
Mara Purl is the award-winning author of The Milford-Haven Novels, which, collectively, and has won fifteen literary awards. She knows her stuff.

The Works in Progress:               
In a half-built house, high on a        bluff.....
In a half-built house, high on a bluff overhanging the ocean,
beautiful reporter Chris Christian is being murdered, while
in an endangered forest overlooking the Cove, Miranda Jones
is being chased by a stranger who might be the man of her dreams.
Meanwhile on Main Street, Sally is dishing up home cooking
and perfecting her eavesdropping on everything from Jack Sawyer’s
nefarious building practices, to Zack Calvin’s unexplained
attraction to Milford Haven, and she’d give a free basket of
fresh, hot biscuits to know what secrets are locked away in
Samantha Hugo’s journal….
Here's what the publisher said:
Join Mara Purl on California’s Central Coast for the
Milford-Haven Novels and Stories…

Locations to fuel your imagination . . .
romances to stir your soul . . .
friendships to warm your heart . . .
issues to challenge your mind . . .
And the mystery you’ll want to solve in . . .

       Small town simplicities. Global complexities.
Here's what Betty says:
Ms. Purl envisioned and delivered more then just an entertaining story. She brings a fresh new approach to writing. This series is designed to get women talking, thinking, and to take action.
What Samantha the heroine says:
"But, more than caring what others think, I care about making sense of my life. I care that my events and choices have a discernible logic to their pattern, that I be able to trace a path of reason—even if no one else can. The thing is, what I’ve glimpsed lately is that logic alone can’t resolve life’s purpose; the heart has to be involved."

 ......After you read the book see if you agree.
Mara and her publisher have joined forces and there will be 12 releases in the series. So get on board with the first book out in September.
Nurse Darla Cook 
Mara Purl is also an accomplished musician. Her instrument
is the Koto and she recorded and has played on the international stage
with many noteworthy musicians.
Mara and her publisher have joined forces and there will be 12 releases in the series. So get on board with the first book out in September. There is so much more to discover about Mara. And all the things that lead to why she founded Milford-Haven.
Mara's links here............ and
Mara, thank you for letting me be part of those spreading your message to readers everywhere. Readers check out  the links. You never know Mara might be in a town near you soon or at least a blog near you.

Thanks for stopping by and do feel free to browse around. 
Betty Carlton
Surprise! Someone is going to win a free autographed copy of one of Mara's books. Here's how.
Fill out the follow by email top right hand side of page.

Remember your always invited back to  learn nmore about what your favorite authors are up too. 

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Showcasing: Susanne O'Leary

The Facts:
Susanne O’Leary brings her own family history to life. She hales from Stockholm, Sweden and lives in Ireland with her Irish husband. She started writing about twelve years ago and has not stopped. Her first novel, 'Diplomatic Incidents' caused a few raised eyebrows in the world of diplomacy.
Then followed three further novels, 'European Affairs'
(renamed 'Villa Caramel' for the e-book version),
'Fresh Powder' and 'Finding Margo' (all written in English and published in Ireland), which, masquerading as romantic comedies, were written with her tongue firmly in her cheek, causing further consternation in the polite world.

In early 2010, Susanne published her fifth novel, 'Swedish for Beginners' as an e-book, swiftly followed by three e-books
from her previously published backlist and a further two
works; 'A Woman's Place', a historical novel and 'Virtual Strangers', a co written detective story with fellow Swedish writer Ola Zaltin.

The work in Progress:

Is a sequel that demanded it be written.
I was delighted by the response to 'A Woman's Place' and after a while, I received many requests for a sequel from readers who had been very taken by the character of Sonja, asking me to tell them what happened to her subsequently. I hesitated for a while, as I felt I had finished the story. But then I found later letters from Sonja, describing her subsequent life and was immediately drawn in to the rest of her life story (I had left her when she had moved into her own apartment in NewYork in 1932).
She was such a courageous woman, who had many
 sad events in her life and often had to draw on her
 own strength to survive. She eventually found love
and happiness but the road there was long and hard.
I greatly admire the way she made a career for herself
and how independent she was, despite living during a
time when women had few opportunities to work in
high profile jobs.

The period just after the depression and before the outbreak of World War II is also very interesting, as is the setting of New York city during this period. The people she met and the choices she made were all described in her many letters to her Aunt Katia in Finland (my grandmother) and the emotions expressed in them truly moving.

I put together the letters and diary entries for the story into this sequel, which I really enjoyed
writing. My readers are eagerly awaiting this story so I am working hard to have it published in
a month or two.

The first Story:

Susanne O'Leary's
A Woman's Place
Can be purchased here: 

Here are a few photos to give you an idea of the New york City, they found. So different from today or was it?
The masses

The poor

The wealthy
The learn more about Sonja and her mother Julia where do you need to go? Why here of course:

I wrote a piece about the background to the book and posted all the photos of the people the characters in the book are based on:!/note.php?note_id=450636741629  It's open to all to enjoy.

Thank you, Susanne. There isn't anything more exciting to the when an author can bring real people to life for us readers. And then you go a step further and delight us with your own family history,

Betty Carlton