Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Showcasing: Lisa Day

The Facts:
Lisa Day as a child did not enjoy reading. Finally as a teenager she discovered books she could sit back and savory. So it made perfect sense that she did not discover how much pleasure she found in writing until she was much older. How old? She isn't saying.

She resides in the southern USA. She and her husband share their home with a beagle they rescued from doggy prison (the local pound.)

Lisa was thrilled when the first publisher she summited  The Stepbrothers  to accepted it.

She hopes you'll enjoy reading it as much as she had fun in writing it.

The Works:
                                       The Blurb

The story:
People with cruel intentions never stop to think about future repercussions. Such a man was George. As a young man he set up his stepbrother. From fist fights to causing the death of Clint Hawks' mother and destroying the girl he loved for George nothing was off limits.  

The time will come for Hawks to find a way to get back at his stepbrother and will be nothing off limits for him either. Cunning and planning put George's fiancee into his hands. Alone in a cabin, far away from anywhere, he will destroy George by ruining the woman. 

 The fates are not with him. Hawks as Samantha Culpepper does not destroy so easily. He may have compromised her innocence but he did not foresee his heart getting involved and that definitely is not in the plan. 

Just when Hawks realizes his feeling but before he could figure out if it was
a good thing or not his best friend shows up. He almost let go of his scheme to
involve her in his plans. However, like any good friend, Mac who is handsome,
likable, and interested in Samantha as soon as he laid eyes on her. He will
complicate matters.

Please look For The Stepbrothers to be release by Rebel Ink Press in November of 2011.
Mean while you can follow Lisa Day on tweeter, Facebook and her website.
Lisa day on the web http://lisaday.weebly.com/