Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Showcasing Tracey Alley in Works in Progress

The Facts:

Tracey Alley gives us the facts from down-under about her life, so far.

I was born and raised in the paradise that is
Queensland, Australia’s Gold Coast. Land of pristine, crystal clear waters, golden beaches and some of the best surfing in the world. Ironically, I never learned how to swim. I had a very traumatic experience when I was about 3 and nearly drowned and that pretty much killed the ocean for me for many, many years. In fact I’ve only just started taking swimming lessons so that I can get a scuba diving certificate.

I’m one of four girls, all extremely talented in their own ways, in fact my older sister Cynthia, our second, is an incredible artist and does spectacular portraits. I’m always trying to get her to share her talent with the world. Like most sisters we fought, laughed, played practical jokes and generally had a wonderful childhood. Our Mum was a gifted storyteller who would make up tales for us that were delightful and enchanting. I guess that’s where I get my love of writing and fantasy.

I have a small house that I share with a snobby Siamese cat and two adorable Tibetan Spaniels so tend to live in chaos most of the time. I love to travel, meet new people, while experiencing new and different things. I like to set myself a challenge every year – some are good and some are bad, but all have been an experience. This year’s challenge is scuba diving. We’ll see how that goes but I really want to explore the underwater world.

The story:
My current work in progress is also something of a challenge as I’m switching genres from fantasy to a mystery/thriller/suspense novel. Tentatively titled The Jenny Factor the story is about twin sisters one of whom goes missing. The problem is that the missing twin, Jenny, is a little bohemian, a little flaky and terribly irresponsible. She has ‘disappeared’ in the past only to come back from some exotic holiday somewhere or from researching a story for her work as a freelance writer.

Beth, the other twin, is the responsible, reliable twin who has become accustomed to her twin’s often strange lifestyle. But this time it feels different and the novel revolves around Beth's search for Jenny. As I’m working on it I’m loving the characters and their differences more and more. The ending is a huge twist.

I realise I’m taking a bit of a chance in switching to such a completely different genre, but it’s something I really want to see if I can pull off. After I’ve finished The Jenny Factor I will probably return to Kaynos, the fantasy land I created, that I love so much. There are still so many stories to be told there that I will probably always return there periodically. However, I also want to stretch my wings as a writer and see if I can attract an audience in multiple genres. Indie publishing gives authors the freedom to write the stories they want to write, so I may as well take advantage of it.

  Readers check out her great offering you won't be disappointed.
Tracey's vision of the land of Kaynos

Tracey has written a number if great stories. 
A fun, action-packed adventure tale for teens and adults alike.

Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Tracey-Alley/e/B003OVMKFU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Tracey also has an erotic, funny, poignant, confronting collection of poetry by a fresh new talent.

Rediscover the beautiful world of poetry in this excellent collection. ebook/dp/B003HKRBPC/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpi_6

Thanks, Tracey for sharing your ...Works in Progress... with us. 

Thanks for having me and letting me tell you a little about myself and my work.

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