Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Showcasing: Michele Richard in Works in Progress


Michele Richard bring us the facts from New England

Michele Richard is the proud mother of 2 daughters. Married since 1997 to a wonderful husband, who for 25 years has been her best friend and supporter.

Being an overly creative and caring person, she has been a volunteer co-leader for the Girl Scout Troop for five years. She takes great pride in teaching and Michele Richard is the proud mother of 2 daughters and guiding our future generations.

Hello! As for my current WIP there are actually three. I am currently editing Mocked by Faith for release in August 2011. I am writing a new science fiction series called Parasouls, and, a new romance story called Loving on the Bayou. Before you think it, yes, I write a lot. I do have a few other projects I am working on but they are not far enough along to give you too many details.

Born amongst the humans yet not being one, the parasouls fight to remain hidden. Paranormal souls living in the underbelly of society, they live in their own world. Using the hidden tunnels and abandoned, buried basements as their homes, they've created a world where they don’t need to pretend they are normal. They’re not normal. Their gifts remind them of that. When you can produce electric blue flames from your fingertips, there is no way to hide from it.
Damian (the Master) built and rules the world they thrive in. The Parasoul Acquisition Control Taskforce hunts them for what they are. Which side is the good, the bad, and the ugly? Angelique is about to find out.
Angelique is the leader of a special team, whose job it is to keep the normals from knowing of the parasouls existence. Her gift was also a curse, leaving her physically unable to touch another living soul without inflicting indescribable pain upon them.
Shane’s job as the head hunter for the taskforce finds himself trapped between the only thing he has ever desired and his job. Like Angelique, he has never been able to touch anyone since he too had a gift that was a curse. In his case it was the red and orange flames the singed the flesh of others. Until he met Angelique. Can love conquer all when you are supposed to hate the one soul you cannot live without?
The moment they met, the heavens opened and connected their souls forever. So what happens when Shane has no choice but to deliver the one person who owns your soul over to his bosses, the government’s taskforce? They are both in for a rude awakening.

Now, for the best part Michele has a new release
                                      that will be out in August 2011.

For Alexia Cross and Justin McNear, things are not what they seem.  Both were born and raised in hidden, gated communities.  A place where time virtually stands still and marriages are arranged by parents before a child’s 18th birthday.
    Alexia is destined to be her community’s first spinster.  In a last ditch effort, a husband is found.  The only complication?  He has no idea he has been betrothed. Will his history of dating outsiders help or hinder his relationship with his future wife?
   Justin McNear searched outside his church for the woman of his dreams. Returning home after failing, he knows he needs to rectify his life and his faith. Can a woman he’s never met make him whole again?
   Will this couple end up mocked by their own faith?  Follow Alexia and Justin through the trials and tribulations of finding, falling, and surviving each other's love. It’s never easy saying “I do” to someone you don’t know.


       Oh, Goody a movie.
                          Want to watch it with me?

I know you will want to know more about Michele, so here's her links:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYbCObNGJws Video Trailer

Thank you, Readers for stopping by and
learning about this exciting author.

Thank you, Michele for letting us sneak a peek at what you have been up to.


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